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City of Fairburn Parks and Recreation Dog Park Survey

  1. dogpark

  2. City of Fairburn Dog Park Survey

    Your responses will help shape the idea of a new dog park for the City of Fairburn. Please feel free to add any comments or suggestions at the end of the survey. Please Note: Name and email are optional (feel free to use an initial for your last name if you prefer)

  3. Do you have a dog?

  4. If yes, how many do you have?

  5. Have you ever been to a dog park?

      1. Is there currently a dog park in your community?

          1. How often would you use a dog park a week?

          2. What ranks most important (rank 1-6 with 1 being most import and 6 being least)

          3. What time of day would you use a dog park?

          4. If plaques or other commemorative items were sold to raise money to build the dog park would you consider investing if the cost was:

          5. Do you think the community of Fairburn would benefit from an off-leash dog park?

              1. Would you like to see a dog park near or at Duncan Park?

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