Mayor Elizabeth Carr-Hurst

Title: Mayor
Phone: 470-755-0083
Mayor's State of the City Address

Mayor Elizabeth Carr-Hurst was elected to City Council in 2007 and served for 10 years. She ran unopposed for Mayor in 2017. Mayor Carr-Hurst is Fairburn's 18TH Mayor and the first African American female Mayor. She serves as a 2018 member of the Georgia Municipal Association By-Laws Review Committee. She also serves on the National League of Cities Advisory Committee, Vice-Chair of the National League of Cities Fellows. She holds a Diamond Cum Laude Certificate from the National League of Cities. Mayor Carr-Hurst is a member of the National Board of Democratic Officers, National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials, Human Resources Advisory Committee, a life member of the NAACP, Independent Marketing Director of Team National, and a Life Member of the Women's Home and Overseas Missionary Society. Mayor Carr-Hurst is passionate about hospice care and regularly volunteers in and around the Atlanta area.

Mayor Carr-Hurst was instrumental in the City of Fairburn securing Body-Worn Cameras for its Police officers in 2014 and in introducing to the City a federally funded heating assistance program that has assisted over 2,000 people and brought over $800,000 in revenue to the City.    

Mayor Carr-Hurst was presented in November 2018 the 2018 Women in Municipal Government Leadership Award at the National League of Cities summit meeting in Los Angeles, CA., and is featured as most influential in the Who's Who in Black Atlanta 2018 edition.

Mayor Carr-Hurst is the mother of two daughters, Dr. Kimberly Froelich and Rhonda Hurst. She is the proud grandmother of three grandchildren: Morgan, Raphael, and Christian.


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