Municipal Court

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What you need to know about Fairburn Municipal Court:

Fairburn Municipal Court Judge is – Judge Monica Ewing

  • The Judge does not speak to anyone about court outside of the courtroom.
  • Court Solicitor is – Rory Starkey.

Municipal Court Clerk Office Hours:

  • Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.
  • No payments accepted after 4pm.

Contact Information:

The Municipal Court is located at:

26 West Campbellton Street
Fairburn, GA. 30213

The building is the unmarked brick building next to the Southside Theatre Guild. The parking lot entrance is on Washington Street. The sign to the parking lot is marked Municipal Court and parking is free. The building entrance is located in the alley way side entrance. The Court Clerk Office is to the left. Please proceed to the clerk’s window for assistance.


Your scheduled arraignment date and time will be listed at the bottom of the citation. At arraignments, the judge will only hear Guilty, Nolo Contendere Pleas and anyone wanting to do a Pre-trial with her. All Not Guilty Pleas will be reset to another court date.

If you plan to plead Not Guilty, you should call or visit the Court Clerk’s Office in advance to have your court date reset. If you are located out of state, your trail date can be reset via e-mail of fax.

Please be advised, you must fax or e-mail the signed copy of your reset notice to the court clerk.

Files without signed reset notices will remain on the Arraignment Calendar and defendants will be charged with Failure to appear if they miss the Arraignment Date. Please verify with the clerks after the reset notice is faxed or e-mailed to ensure receipt by the clerks.

Court Services will allow only one extension for Arraignment Dates. You must sign for an extension and you will be reset for a trial date.

Trial Dates

At trial date, the Judge will hear all pleas:

  • Guilty
  • Not Guilty
  • Nolo Contendere

The Solicitor and the Citing Officer will be present at trials.

If you wish to speak with the Solicitor, you may tell the Judge you would like a Pre-Trial. This will allow you the opportunity to speak with the Solicitor and the Officer before your case is heard before the Judge. Please be advised the Solicitor is the Prosecutor for the city.

A Public Defender will be available for consultation at all court dates. The Prosecutor is available to discuss your case and answer any questions during your scheduled court date and time.

Compliance Hearings

If you have been reset for a Compliance Hearing (to pay fine, perform Community Service, attend Pride Class, etc.), proof of compliance can be presented to the Municipal Court Clerk’s Office any time before your court date and it will not be necessary to appear in court.

Community Service

We prefer community service to be completed through the City of Fairburn. Please contact Harvey Stokes ONLY if you plan on completing your community service through the City of Fairburn. It is YOUR responsibility to set up your hours. The office is open (and across the hall from the court services office) Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm. He can be reached at 770-964-2244 ext. 401. You may also come in to set up your hours. The best time to do so would be Monday-Friday, 8:00-8:30 am.

If you do not live in the area and cannot complete community service during traditional business hours, you may complete your community service through any Georgia non-profit. This includes, but is not limited to: churches, Goodwill, animal rescues, Salvation Army, etc. Please communicate any issues or questions through the court services office.  In order for our office to accept the community service hours, you must turn in an official letter from the organization with your name and the hours you completed with them. It MUST be on official letterhead and you must turn it in to the Court Clerk’s Office. Please do not contact Mr. Stokes if you are completing community service through a non-profit.

Please note: this office does not accept two-for-one credit for community service hours.

Please note: If you are doing community service in lieu of a fine, it must be completed in the City of Fairburn.

Defensive Driving/PRIDE  Classes

City of Fairburn offers a 2.5 hour defensive driving class, free of charge, only to defendants sentenced in Fairburn Court. One class per month is scheduled, typically on a Wednesday night at 6PM. A date will be listed on the compliance information sheet you received in court. You must bring a parent or guardian over the age of 21 in order to attend. You must register for this class. Please email us by clicking here to register or with questions ASAP. No phone calls regarding this, please. We only have 15 open spots so register early!

If you cannot attend PRIDE, you may take any defensive driving class approved by the Department of Driver Services (no online courses will be accepted). A list can be found online:


If you fail to pay fines for your Citation the day of court, you will be put on Probation. An additional Probation Fee will be added to the total of your fines. If you are put on Probation, you must make all payments at the Probation Office, located at 5039 Union Street, Union City, GA.

The City of Fairburn’s Probation Officer is Glenda Hopkins and she may be reached at (770) 969 5400.

Failure to Appear

If you miss your scheduled court date, a Failure to Appear will be issued by the Judge. A Failure to Appear Fee of $200.00 must be paid within two weeks of the missed court date or your license will be suspended and /or a Bench Warrant issued for your arrest.

Paying Citations before Court

Certain citations can be paid before court. Please see list below of qualifying citations and fine amounts. Acceptable payments are cash or credit card (Master Card or Visa) in person or money orders through the mail. Payments are accepted in person Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm.

  • Paying in Person: Qualifying citations can be paid up until Noon of your scheduled 2pm court time. For court times of 8am or 10am, the citations must be paid by close of business of the previous business day. Please sign the back of your ticket and submit with payment.
  • Paying via Mail: Citations must be paid with Money Orders and made payable to the City of Fairburn. Please write your citation number on the bottom of the Money Order, sign the back of your citation and mail it with your payment.
  • Paying on line:
  • Citations not included on list below require a mandatory court appearance.

Speeding Fines

Speeding 0-14 MPH  (0 Points) $165.
Speeding 15-18 MPH  (2 Points) $191.
Speeding 19-23 MPH  (3 Points) $230.
Speeding  24-30 MPH  (4 Points) $295.

You must appear in COURT for a citation issued for speeding over 30 MPH and resulting in an accident.

Noise Violation-From Vehicle $165
3 Axle Violation $165
*Expired Registration $139
*Expired License $87
Obedience to Traffic Control Device (Red Light, Yield Sign, Stop Sign, etc.) $165
Driving on Wrong Side of the Road $165
Improper Passing $165
Passing in a No Passing Zone $165
Roadway Laned for Traffic $165
Improper Left Turn $165
Improper U-Turn $165
Turn Signal Required $165
Too Fast for Conditions $230
Impeding Flow of Traffic $200
Headlights Required $165
Improper/No Taillights $165
Brake Lights/Turn Signal $165
Use of High Beams $165
Improper Color/Lighting Equipment $165
Seat Belt Violation (Adults) $15
Seat Belt Violation (Child) $25
Following too Close $165

Warning for those who choose to pay their citations before court:

Please be advised, when you choose to pay a citation before court, it is the same as pleading guilty. For certain driving offences, points will be issued on your license. Listed below is a chart listing offences and the points that are given if the defendant pays before court or comes to court and is found guilty:


Points are accumulated for:
Reckless Driving 4 points
Unlawful passing school bus 6 points
Improper passing on hill or curve 4 points
15 mph but less than 19 mph 2 points
19 mph but less than 24 mph 3 points
24 mph but less than 34 mph 4 points
34 mph or more 6 points
Disobedience of any traffic-control device or traffic officer 3 points
Possessing an open container of an alcoholic beverage while driving 2 points
Failure to adequately secure a load 2 points
All other moving violations 3 points
Child restraint – 1st offense 1 point
Child restraint – 2nd and subsequent offense 2 points
Aggressive driving
(A conviction of aggressive driving by a person under 21 years
of age will result in a suspension of the driver’s license.)
6 points
HOV lane violation – 4th and subsequent offense. 1 point

More information can be found on the Georgia Department of Driver Services Website:


If your case was bound over to Fulton County, it is closed in the City of Fairburn. Please contact Fulton County.

If You are Under 21 Years of Age:

Anyone under 21 years of age is required to appear in court. Because it takes fewer points to lose your license, a minor traffic violation could suspend your license.

Attention Attorneys: The solicitor will not be present at arraignments. If you would like to waive the arraignment, please fax in the waiver of arraignment, entry of appearance or any other paper work to (770) 964 8984. We do accept all paper work from attorneys via fax, on letterhead.

Fairburn Municipal Court
26 W. Campbellton Street
Fairburn, Ga. 30213
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