Development Authority & Downtown Development Authority

Fairburn's Development Authority and Downtown Development Authority, a public corporation established by the Mayor and City Council pursuant to the Development Authorities Law (O.C.G.A. § 36-62-1 et seq) was created for the purpose of promoting the general welfare of the City of Fairburn, Georgia, through the development of trade, commerce, industry and employment opportunities.

The Authorities are guided by the City's plans for economic growth. The primary responsibilities of the Authorities are to support and facilitate economic development within the downtown corridor and state highways (74 and 92) through capital investments and Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRB's).

Board members are appointed by the Mayor and serve four- year terms. The seven (7) member board must be a resident, business lessee, or own real property within the boundaries of the downtown corridor. The board meets on the 4th Tuesday in February for its annual Board of Directors meeting and on the 4th Tuesday in the months of May, August, and November.

Mission statement

  • To promote and stimulate economic growth within the City of Fairburn.
  • To provide resources for new and existing businesses.
  • To apply smart growth principles in leveraging and diversifying the tax base and resources by increasing business creation and retention within the City of Fairburn.

Vision statement

To apply smart growth principles in developing economic development strategies within the City of Fairburn.


Board MemberTitleTerm Expires

Mr. Rufus Wells


Mrs. Patricia Chambers


Mr. Todd Ireland


Mr. Homer Knight

Board Member


Mr. Chris Wiley

Board Member01/31/26

Mr. Brandon Crum

Board Member01/31/28

Latesha McCoy

Board Member01/31/28