Keep Fairburn Beautiful

Keep Fairburn Beautiful  

KFB Week 2021

Beautiful Yard Contest

People's Choice Award Winner


To encourage public awareness and participation in creating and maintaining clean, beautiful, well-kept communities throughout the City of Fairburn.


We envision the City of Fairburn as a clean City with attractive neighborhoods and commercial corridors that will encourage and promote City pride.


  • Establish a public awareness program to enhance behavioral norms and promote community pride.
  • Establish a board of directors and platform for fundraising and corporate/community sponsorship
  • Establish Public-Private Partnerships related to local investment
  • Establish Local Regulatory Elements


  • End Littering
  • Beautify Communities
  • Improve Recycling
  • Promote Community Pride


  • The City of Fairburn is addressing increased illegal dumping and littering onto various spaces and areas throughout commercial and residential districts. Problem areas are along highways and arterial roadways, which without mitigation, threaten economic vitality. Adding to the City’s appeal is a drive to beautify the town’s center, promoting the downtown Fairburn Historic Commercial District, promoting traditional assets for tourism and new businesses. Moreover, Fairburn offers unique charm, increasing the presence of arts and entertainment and attractiveness for the emerging film industry.

  • The creation of a Beautification Taskforce provides a framework to coordinate and implement initiatives to comprehensively address concerns that include establishing clean-up zones, special events, rewards and incentives, marketing and branding campaigns, and other efforts to enhance effectiveness.

  • A reporting team of staff convened, consisting of members from various City of Fairburn departments. Current staff representatives include:
    • Department of Community and Economic Development, Planning and Zoning
    • Building & Property Management
    • Police Department - Code Enforcement

  • Fairburn’s Keep Fairburn Beautiful Task Force proposes to enhance its communities as clean, green, and beautiful environments through conservation of resources, smart land uses that eliminate blight, and showcase the city’s parks.

  • The Keep Fairburn Beautiful Task Force will provide residents, businesses, governmental, and community stakeholders a framework for addressing the plethora of issues related to ending litter, reducing waste, promoting recycling, and beautifying communities.



The CBA consists of representatives that are certified by the task force and assigned communities within their zone to maintain clean-ups throughout the year. CBAs are provided with equipment and supplies to ensure safety. Each CBA will sign a waiver releasing the City of Fairburn and its agents from liability.


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