Warning Systems - Stay informed!

Before you can take the proper course of action during an emergency, you must first know that the emergency is occurring.  The City of Fairburn uses several tools to notify the public about disasters and emergency situations, working together to ensure that the maximum numbers of people are notified of an immediate, life threatening emergency.

Outdoor Warning Sirens

Emergency Warning Sirens

Our local government has the primary responsibility to warn its residents and to assist them in preparing, responding and recovering from disasters. One part of this assistance is the activation of the Emergency Warning Sirens. 1 reason for Warning Siren activation is inclement weather.

The criteria for activating the warning sirens are based on local, state and national data sources. The following are examples of when the warning sirens are activated:

Tornado Warnings

When the National Weather Service issues a TORNADO WARNING for the city of Fairburn and surrounding area, the emergency warning sirens will be activated.

Severe Thunderstorm Warnings

When the National Weather Service issues a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for the city of Fairburn and surrounding area, and the city is already under a TORNADO WATCH the emergency sirens will be activated.

As a reminder, the warning sirens are to be heard by citizens outside, and upon hearing the sirens, all citizens are advised to access local and State media outlets (TV, radio & Internet) for further information and directions.

To ensure that the City of Fairburn's Emergency Warning System functions properly when needed, the warning sirens are tested internally every Sunday at 3 a.m. This internal test is "silent" is in not broadcast publicly.

For more information about Fairburn's Emergency Warning Siren System, visit the   City of Fairburn  or call the Fairburn Fire Department at 770-683-4630.