When to Call 911

Situations for Contacting 911

DO NOT hang up unless the dispatcher advises you to do so

  • Car wreck with injuries
  • Someone is choking
  • If you witness a crime
  • Dangerous situation such as gas leak or power line down
  • Someone is drowning
  • Somebody is hurt or bleeding

When NOT to Call 911

Only call 911 if it is an emergency. The Fairburn 911 non-emergency number is 404-730-7911. If you call 911 for non-emergencies, someone with a real emergency may have a delay in receiving service.

  • To ask directions or for general information
  • To report a loud party or music
  • To report barking dogs
  • To report water or electricity is out
  • To check if a police report is ready
  • To check for weather reports