Paying Citations before the Court Date

Certain citations can be paid before the court date. Please see list below of qualifying citations and fine amounts. Acceptable payments are cash or credit card (Master Card or Visa) in person or money orders through the mail. Payments are accepted in person Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • Paying in Person: For court times of 8 a.m., 9 a.m., 10 a.m. or 11 a.m., the citations must be paid by close of business of the previous business day. Please sign the back of your ticket and submit with payment.
  • Paying via Mail: Citations must be paid with Money Orders and made payable to the City of Fairburn. Please write your citation number on the bottom of the Money Order, sign the back of your citation and mail it with your payment.
  • Paying online: Payments are now accepted through Online Payments.
  • Citations not included on the list below require a mandatory court appearance.

Warning for those who choose to pay their citations before the court date

Please be advised, when you choose to pay a citation before the court date, it is the same as pleading guilty. For certain driving offenses, points will be issued on your license. See Chart below of listed offenses and the points/fines that are given if the defendant pays before the court date, or comes to court and is found guilty. 


Offense CodeConvictionPointsFinesCourt Mandatory / Notes 
40-6-397Aggressive Driving6 Pts$685Mandatory *
40-6-390Reckless Driving4 Pts$685Mandatory *
40-6-163Unlawful Passing School Bus6 Pts$295 
40-6-45Improper Passing on Hill or Curve4 Pts$200 
 0-14 MPH0 Pts$165 
 15-18 MPH2 Pts$200 
 19-23 MPH3 Pts$230 
 24-29 MPH4 Pts$295 
 30+MPH 6 Pts$425Mandatory *
40-6-20Failure to Obey Traffic-Control Device3 Pts$165 
40-6-2Failure to Obey Police Officer3 Pts$165 
40-6-253Possessing an Open Container of an  Alcoholic Beverage while Driving2 Pts$190 
40-6-248.1Failure to Adequately Secure Load
(except fresh farm produce), resulting  in an Accident
2 Pts$220 
40-8-76Violation of Child Safety Restraint   
 1st Offense1 Pt$25 
 2nd Offense2 Pts$50 
40-6-241.1Violation of Usage of Wireless Telecommunication Device Requirements1 Pt$502nd Violation More
40-6-241.2Operating a Vehicle while Text Messaging1 Pt$50 
40-6-54Improper use of Designate Travel Lane -4th and Subsequent Offense1 Pt$165 
40-8-76.1Seat Belt Violation (Adults) $15 
40-2-38Expired Registration $145 
40-5-32Expired License $87 
40-6-47Driving on Wrong Side of the Road3 Pts$165 
40-6-42Improper Passing3 Pts$165 
40-6-46Passing in a No Passing Zone3 Pts$165 
40-6-48Roadway Laned for Traffic3 Pts$165 
40-6-120A2Improper Left Turn3 Pts$165 
40-6-121Improper U-Turn3 Pts$165 
40-6-123Turn Signal Required3 Pts$165 
40-6-180Too Fast for Conditions3 Pts$230 
40-6-184Impeding Flow of Trafic3 Pts$200 
40-8-22Headlights Required $165 
40-8-23Improper / No Taillights $165 
40-8-25Brake Lights / Turn Signal $165 
40-8-31Use of High Beams $165 
40-8-29Improper Color / Lighting Equipment $165 
40-6-49Following too Close3 Pts$165 
40-6-10No Insurance $425Mandatory *
40-6-391DUI $685Mandatory *

You must appear in court for a citation issued for speeding over 30 MPH and resulting in an accident.